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  • Richard Jag-Nathan

The Argenta Mural Project 2022 created and managed by John Gaudin

The Argenta Mural Project 2022 created and managed by John Gaudin offered me the wall on a historical Landmark at 4th and Main in downtown Argenta. It is the longest continuously operating Pharmacy and market west of the Mississippi River. Proprietor David ??

I chose to represent an open street market which allowed for showing the diversity of the area and offering a visual idea that fresh food being shared openly can bring people together with the common purpose of health and Tradition.

I hope that the multi racial images are received in the spirit I intend and that the high -keyed color scheme brings a sense of lightness and joy. Although the mural is on the back wall of the building it shares a quite and broad court yard with a few wonderful murals by other artists. It was an interesting experience to learn more about the technique of large wall painting and to share the progress with passers- by and those that worked in the area.

The wall was 13 feet tall and covered about 70 feet long. I am very pleased to be a part of the urban beauty this project of more than a dozen has brought to the riverfront town and look forward to another opportunity in the near future.

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