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Mark Blaney Painter / Sculptor - Lives & works in Russellville, AR

Painting and sculpting help me to look closely into the world around and to find pleasure in watching the many forms lit by our sun. The movement and interactions among people, plants, animals, and the weather are plenty reasons to make things.  All my work begins with interpretation of natural forms using drawn lines as symbols to suggest motion or rest, then I simply draw with color. I think the beauty happens when the viewer can enjoy the moment depicted in the work as well as the actual handcraft of it.


While using variations and the descriptive quality of drawn lines as a visual reaction to nature I try to allow the design to have its’ own integrity as a pleasing object.


If all works well, I paint with the same approach as drawing; seeking an intuitive freedom while having a visual conversation with nature. Mixing colors to follow an idea is real fun and every new painting is a fresh chance at work and play in form and color.


Mark Blaney


94 - Arkansas Contemporary Paintings - a two year ten city tour in Germany with the American

Embassy Houses.

95 - Twelve paintings installed in the St. Joseph Regional Med. Center Hot Springs AR.

94 -96 - Kinkoph Gallery Breckenridge Co.

95 - Commission with Smith-Barney Investment of San Francisco, Ca. Painted ceramic mural

96 - 2000 Ole Moon Gallery Keystone Co.

96 - Four pieces exhibit in the Washington office of Senator David Pryor. An opening attended by the First Family

96 - Horwich-Lewallen Gallery in Santa Fe, N.M.

96 - Ten painting exhibit in Gallery 86 Willemstad, Curacao, Netherland Antilles.

96-98 - Palmer Gallery, Hot Springs, AR

96-98 - Betts Gallery, Santa Fe, NM.

98-99 - Charlene Cody Gallery, Santa Fe, NM.

97-2000 - Ryan Gallery, Las Vegas, Nevada

99-2000 - River Market Art Space, Little Rock, AR

2000 - Second Place in 43 annual Delta Exhibit, a seven -state competition at Arkansas Art Center Little Rock, AR.

2001 - Second place in the 44 Delta Exhibit

2002 - Delta award in 45 Delta Exhibit, fifth year of acceptance

2000-2001 - Exhibit in Galleria Atenea  San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuanto , Mexico with Ashley Bell Art Consulting

2000-2001 - Earl gallery Winston-Salem N.C

2001-2004 - Blue Spiral 1 Gallery, Asheville N.C.

2003 - Commission from Duke University , Durham, N.C .A glazed ceramic panel at the entry to the  new West Eden       

              campus project in partnership with Boston Valley Architectural Ceramic Co. of New York

2003 - Ceramic mural commission for home of Dr. Gail Reed -Jones of Little Rock Ar.

2004 - Commission for Donald W. Reynolds Campus Of the Arkansas Sheriff's Youth Ranch Alma AR.

               A painted ceramic narrative mural consisting of twenty two figures and a large scale painting for the campus

               board room. Greg Thompson art rep.

2005 - Oil Mural installed in the Bozeman College of Public Health on the campus of University of Arkansas Medical


 2007 2010 - Represented in Arkansas by Greg Thompson Fine Art of Little Rock

 2007- Theatrical backdrop and cover art for musical production “Wilderness Plots" Written and directed by Dr. Scott

               Sanders of Indiana University Blooming ton, IN

 2007 - Solo exhibit associated with the production of Wilderness Plots

 2010 - Solo exhibit at Greg Thompson Fine Art Little Rock, AR

 2011 - Solo exhibit at Ivy Tech’s John Waldron Art Center, Bloomington, IN

 2012 - Two large scale paintings for the newly built Woman’s Crisis Center in Pine Bluff Arkansas. Reynold’s Foundation


2012 -  B. Deemer Fine Art  Louisville Ky.

2013 - Ceramic sculpture commission for University of Arkansas Medical School

2015 - Joined Giacobbe-Fritz Fine Art in Santa Fe, New Mexico

2016 - Solo exhibit with Thomas Gallery in Bloomington Indiana

2016 - Commissioned sculpture for information desk at University of Arkansas Medical Center, Little Rock, AR

2016 - Purchase of three large scale paintings for the UAMS

2017 - Showing with Juniper Fine Art gallery, Spencer, Indiana

2018 - Placing two large paintings in the collection of Malcolm Dalglish and Dr. Judith Klien, Bloomington IN

2019 - Exhibit with Juniper Fine Art, Bloomington IN

2020 - Began contract with Justus Fine Art, Hot Springs AR
2020 - Joined group exhibit at Justus Fine Art

2021 - Showing at Justus Fine Art in Hot Springs AR

2021 - Exterior Building mural 15’ x 40’ for the Argenta Mural Project, North Little Rock, Ar

2022 - Exterior Building Mural 13' x 60' the Argenta Mural Project, North Little Rock, Ar

2022 - First of five exterior wall murals for the Argenta Mural Project , North Little Rock AR
2023 - Completed last of the murals for Argenta Mural Project
- Solo exhibit at the Arts Council Acansa / Pinnacle Gallery
2023 - Solo exhibit at Justus Fine Art
2024 - Joined Boswell-Mourot Fine Art , Little Rock AR
2024 - Solo exhibit at The Community Creative Center in Fayettville AR
2024 - Began exhibiting sculpture at Justus Fine Art

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