."\n"[img src=]11790
[img src=]9120
[img src=]8750
[img src=]7840
[img src=]6780
[img src=]6530
[img src=]6990
[img src=]6630
[img src=]5930
[img src=]6560
[img src=]6320
[img src=]6500
[img src=]5760
[img src=]8600Moonlight on the Cedar Brake
Oil 4' X 6'Available
[img src=]7540Two Horses
Oil 4' X 5'In collection of -University of Arkansas Regional Medical Center, Little Rock, AR
[img src=]7640Fox
Oil 4' X 5'Available
[img src=]7020Good Stand of Peas
Oil 4' X 5.5'Available
[img src=]6370Beech
Oil 3' X 4'Available
[img src=]6370A Little Tea
Oil 16" X 24"Unavailable
[img src=]6240Lovers
Oil 28" X 36"Available
[img src=]6890Orchard Keepers' Cat
Oil 28" X 36"Available
[img src=]6620Zinnias at Dawn
Oil 3' X 4'Available
[img src=]5910Horse Breath
Oil 16" X 20"private collection
[img src=]6040Morning Scraps
Oil 24" X 36"Available
[img src=]5810Breeze
Oil 30" X 44"Unavailable
[img src=]5660Wild Fruit
Oil 4' X 4'Available
[img src=]5490Bus Stop with Coffee
Oil 16" X 24"Available
[img src=]5360Bird on a Bull
Oil 24" X 28"Available
[img src=]5770The Beautiful Cloth
Oil 3' X 4'Available
[img src=]6420Orchard Bloom
Oil 3' X 4'Available
[img src=]6070Sunset Herd
Oil 3' X 4.5'Available
[img src=]6090Flatbed
Oil 16" X 20"Available